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think essential

Design Your Life

Busy, Muddled, and Overwrought.

We notice that these 3 things are happening in our surrounding. Through Internet and Social media; everyone seems to be “busy” all the time. As a consequence, too many noises, options and choices out there.

Hence, we easily got tricked by the idea of pleasing everyone.Saying no suddenly becomes difficult in our life.

We want to remind that living the life doesn’t have to follow the template, It can be designed to what you want. We all have the power to choose what can’t be taken, only can be forgotten.

Live your life by design

Less But Better

“Weniger, aber, besse“

Randomly we ran into Dieter Rams’ philosophy. where he preached the idea of back to purity and simplicity

To adopt his philosophy, we are voluntarily try to be essentialist. It is our mission to reduce non-essentials in everyday life.

People say our closets mimic our life.

Hence, in order to truly experience the essentialist lifestyle. we believe that you need apparel or product which communicates that value.

We help the essentialists by providing high quality apparels which breaths simplicity with Indonesian accent

Dress Consiously

Those noises have evolved into “social pressure” where it is affected our daily wear thinking. At no time, there are some forces which urge to have different looks every day.

These essential pieces allows us to simplify our costing structure which benefits you in daily life.

As some people feel the insufficiency of 24 hours a day, we solve that problem by cutting your shopping time thus, you can be productive to do something else.

Our team believes that environment is important; Thus, we want to make environmental-friendly products by producing only essential pieces which is timeless overtime; your assets that breathe simplicity

We often say:

What is our purpose? What are the trade off?

What is the outcome if i do this? What do we pvrefer?

Short term popularity or Long term gain?

“We want to show people that
”Made in Indonesia” can be blended and mixed with essential lifestyle”

One evening, our team brainstorm together why there are no mass-produced Indonesian brands have yet to
scale globally. Since then, It becomes our mission to decode what is happening in our society towards
“Made in Indonesia”.

But first, we think essential

As we live digitally,
means we can be contacted via digital way. Reach us via:
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